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Annual Reggie Events

Being a Reggie involves much more than excelling in the classroom.  The passions that are developed in class are translated into a variety of extracurricular activities both on campus and outside of Duke.  Every Reggie strives to impact the community in their own, unique way.  While formulating independent programs and events, Reggies come together to discuss current events through our annual Reggie Day.

The intellectual curiosity of each Reggie Howard scholar is manifested into countless ways.  On campus, scholars actively participate in existing organizations or even develop their own.  The fruits of their efforts can be seen through meaningful programming attended by many cross sections of Duke’s campus.  Many scholars conduct research in the laboratory while others conduct social research in hopes of answering the burning questions that fuel their academic pursuits.  Reggies have traveled to many parts of the world, living and breathing the cultures of countries across the globe.  Whatever the medium, Reggies actively pursue the acquirement of knowledge and strive to incorporate their learning into their everyday lives.

Reggie Retreat

At the beginning of each year, Reggies participate in an off-campus retreat. This time provides a great opportunity to catch up with friends and to meet the new scholars. Learn more and check out photos from a recent retreat.


Reggie Day


Annually, the Reggies host a major program in keeping with in the legacy of Reginaldo Howard, Duke’s first Black student body president. This year’s “Reggie Day” topic addresses the implications of making academic credentials the focus of higher education. Find out more about “Reggie Day 2014: Equal Protection Under the Law” and topics from past years.

Finalists Weekend

Each spring, 15-20 finalists for the Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholarship visit the Duke campus for Finalists Weekend. The finalists meet current Reggie scholars as well as Duke faculty members. They are introduced to the wider campus culture before being interviewed by a panel of Advisory Council members who select the Reggie scholars. Click here for more details.