Reginaldo Howard

Who was Reginaldo Howard? Reginaldo “Reggie” Howard was the first African-American President of the Associated Students of Duke University (the primary organ of undergraduate student government at Duke).

A sophomore political science major, Reggie was returning to Duke for a meeting from his home in Columbia, South Carolina, when he was killed in an automobile accident. His high academic standards, unquestioned integrity, sincere concern for others, and good humor made a deep impression on all who came into contact with him, and ultimately inspired the foundation of this award.

He was without a doubt the friendliest person I ever met at Duke University…everybody that met him took an instant liking to him. Sure he ran for Student Council President, and won, as an underclassman. But he was more than that. He was a talented band member, and he invented a football game played with multiple decks of playing cards – a hit in our dorm. I was sure it was a precursor to something that Milton Bradley would gobble up. He was so multi-talented.

…My words can’t really express what Reggie had–a real je ne sais quoi. That indefinable ability to reach out and become instant friends with everybody he met, and to impress them at the same time. When we found out he passed away our dorm lost a certain spark. We just missed his smile, because he always had one ready for you. He was the one guy you could run into on a bad day that could make you feel better about everything.

I’m so glad that this scholarship is out there, and I hope that it can bring another student like Reggie to Duke. (Steve Sprinkle, S CTR USAF HQ AF GCIC/MIPE, Duke ’76)