About The Scholars

A Reginaldo Howard Memorial scholar (a “Reggie”) is a dynamic individual with wide academic and extracurricular interests. All Reggies recognize the importance of high scholastic achievement and prioritize this aspect of university life. This commitment to academic excellence is not confined to the classroom. Scholars seek to infuse basic and advanced academic knowledge into their understanding of the everyday lives and experiences of all people, local and global, within a Reggie’s reach or influence.

An uncommon leadership and service ethic guides the overwhelming majority of our scholars to a variety of other campus activities. Wherever Reggies find their niche at Duke, they are among the most active, conscientious and inspiring students anywhere. Making their mark on campus organizations such as the Black Student Alliance, the Muslim Students Association, the Center for Race Relations, Dance Slam, and the Baldwin Scholars, Reggies are involved in nearly every facet of campus life from the cultural to the political. Reggie scholars assert the importance of being well-rounded and use extracurricular involvement to further their development as standard bearers in the Duke community.

Commitments to community service and to the principles of justice also unify the Reggie family. Undaunted by the most pressing and important issues of our day, Reggies actively attempt to make a difference for the greater good. Our forums and service projects, our annual Reggie Day program, and our collaborations with other service- and justice-oriented organizations reflect our dedication to leading through service and building awareness about local, national, and international issues. It is the combination of scholar, public servant, and campus leader embodied in every Reggie scholar that so distinctly honors the legacy of Reginaldo Howard.