Current Scholars

Who exactly is a Reginaldo Howard scholar?

Every scholar comes from a diverse background, possessing a wide variety of academic interests and participating in a variety of extracurricular activities.  Despite the unique aspirations of each individual, they have all distinguished themselves as leaders at Duke and their home communities.Read the stories below of each scholar.  Feel free to contact them in order to get a better sense of their experiences at Duke as well as an understanding of how the Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholarship has touched each of their lives.

Matthew Alston 2017
Justin Bryant 2017
Chidinma Nnoromele 2017
Azeb Yirga 2017
Allotey-1Naa Adorkor Allotey 2018
Holmes, Samantha Reginald Howard Scholar  Duke UniversitySamantha Holmes 2018
Idris, Razan Abdurrahman Reginaldo Scholar  Duke UniversityRazan Abdurrahman Idris 2018
Ivory, Michael Jerome Reginaldo Howard Scholar  Duke UniversityMichael Jerome Ivory 2018
Steele, Brennan A Reginaldo Howard Scholar  Duke UniversityBrennan Steele 2018
Toffa, Sinclair James Reginaldo Howard Scholar  Duke UniversitySinclair James Toffa 2018
Tucker 1 smallShaquille Kareem Tucker 2018
jaime smallJaime Gordon 2019
christiana smallChristiana Oshotse 2019
asa smallAsa Royal 2019
asa smallJulie Williams 2019
Cyan DeVeaux 2020Cyan DeVeaux 2020
Matthew Gayed 2020Matthew Gayed 2020
Christopher Grant 2020Christopher Grant 2020
Daniel Ntim 2020Daniel Ntim 2020
Niisoja Torto 2020Niisoja Torto 2020
Kennedy Ware 2020Kennedy Ware 2020