Abraham Ng’hwani

P ’14, Tanzania

Abraham Ng’hwani is originally from Tanzania (East Africa). While he’s so passionate to design his own major in civil and computer engineering, and minor in music, and possibly politics, it’s hard to name what Abraham considers his ‘academic interests’. His ‘easy-to-impress’ attitude towards knowledge has always been his way of learning. He remains free to seek, understand, and truly enjoy the harmony of knowledge that nature has in abundance.

Abraham has been actively involved in community service activities during his middle and high school years, including leadership, participating in youth HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns, and teaching at a local arts center. While he believes in success, he also feels strongly attached to charity, and altruism. Abraham is thrilled to be part of the Reggie Community at Duke. He is involved with the Motorsports club, AIAA club, Engineers without Boarders and is part of the focus cluster ‘Engineering frontiers’, which is mainly focused on the Grand Challenges of Engineering. He enjoys these experiences and looks forward to take a full advantage of the many opportunities that are available at Duke. You are most welcome to contact him at abraham.ng.hwani@duke.edu.