Asa Royal

2019 – St. Louis, Missouri

Major/field of academic interest: Computer science with a double major in either political science or philosophy.

Asa graduated from Lafayette High School in St. Louis, MO. Inept at most things athletic, he spent his time running a philosophy club, reading, and tinkering with headphones and keyboards.

Asa recently settled into the computer science major and hopes to find a career where he can apply his studies to the social sciences or to politics. He is especially interested in data-driven journalism and intersections between public policy and computation.

Outside of class, he chairs the Duke Chronicle Editorial Board and is a member of the undergraduate council of American Grand Strategy, a foreign policy group. On a given weekend, he can probably be found in front of his computer reading The Economist.

Asa feels incredibly honored to have been selected as a Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholar and has been humbled by his impressive fellow scholars. At Duke, he hopes to not only gain knowledge, but to learn how to apply it to causes bigger than himself.