Haley Miller

’16, Redondo Beach, CA

I graduated from Redondo Union High School in Redondo Beach, California. My family relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina after I graduated. I have also lived in Atlanta, Georgia and Johannesburg, South Africa. Having lived in so many different locations, I want to travel the world to learn about different countries so that I can experience different people and cultures and be involved in improving the health conditions of different countries. Because of my diverse background, I enjoy getting to know a variety of people and learning about their unique experiences. When I arrived at Duke, I thought I wanted to major in Biology on a Pre-Med track. I have a passion for science and math and also helping people in need. However, entering into the Duke Freshman Global Health Program has exposed me to a variety of intriguing options in health and has influenced me to consider other majors and career opportunities. Beginning with my freshman year in high school, I was very active in athletics and community service. I was a Varsity Track and Field athlete and also competed in USATF Track and Field Junior Olympics with a club team. Most of my community service in high school focused on helping other students improve in math and science. I served as president of my school’s Full Potential Chemistry Tutoring Club, created a math program for young children in the community, and was a volunteer research intern at UCLA Harbor Biomedical Research Institute. As a Reginaldo Howard Scholar, I have found a community that really cares for and supports each other. I am honored to be a Reginaldo Howard Scholar because it allowed me the opportunity to not only attend Duke University, but also to be amongst a group of scholars, leaders, and people devoted to service.