Jordan DeLoatch

T ’15, North Carolina

Jordan DeLoatch is has lived in North Carolina for the last 9 years. He is passionate about politics and hoping to study either public policy or political science during his time at Duke. Math has historically been Jordan’s strongest subject, but he’s developed an interest in history–particularly history as it pertains to politics. He likes to dream of becoming the President of the United States one day, inspired by Barack Obama’s 2008 run. He is an ardent supporter of diversity in schools and got involved in the debate about the diversity policy in Wake County. Jordan was also the co-president of his high school’s Social Justice Club, as well as being a member of his high school’s chapter of the French Honor Society. In his free time, Jordan devours anything and everything related to Duke basketball. Jordan is excited to be part of the Reggie community. He is overjoyed to be given this opportunity and thrilled to be part of this group of awesome scholars and awesome friends.