Marcayla Hester

P ’14, Jefferson, GA

Upon arrival at Duke, Marcayla originally planned on studying biomedical engineering.  Freshman year was a truly transformative experience in multiple ways, however.  Due to this and after much self-inspection, she currently plans to major in Public Policy and minor in Economics. In addition to schoolwork, Marcayla is currently on the executive board of Crazies who Care, a group that raises money for the Emily K. Center and Duke Children’s Hospital.  Additionally, she is involved with the Foundation for the International Medical Relief of Children and IMPACT Christian Movement. The Reginaldo Howard Scholarship has made a tremendous difference in Marcayla’s life here as a student.   In addition to greatly aiding in her ability to attend this institution, it has also provided her with an incredible support system and family that she has undoubtedly felt a part of since first stepping foot on campus.   Some of her best friends here are current Reggies, and she finds it truly inspiring how diverse and amazing each individual is; this inspiration causes her to want to increase her own horizons. For this, she is forever grateful and so very appreciative of the Reginaldo Howard Scholarship Program. Feel free to contact her with any questions at