Michael Sutton

’16, Aliquippa, PA

Michael recently graduated from Sewickley Academy. He hopes to major in Biomedical Engineering, potentially adding a minor in Neuroscience. His future research endeavors pertain to stem cell regeneration, especially in orthopedics, where prosthetics and bone grafts can be replaced by medically differentiated cartilage and bone cells to treat common injuries and degenerative illnesses, such as osteoarthritis. A fervent advocate of the importance of diversity within an educational system, Michael co-founded the Diversity Student Association his freshman year of high school, a student-led organization dedicated to celebrating different backgrounds, talents, interests, and divergent yet informed opinions. Michael also enjoys participating in community service projects. In the past, he has assisted in the Hurricane Katrina Relief as a volunteer at a food shelter in New Orleans, LA. In the summer of 2010, he was a 8th grade science teacher for Summerbridge Pittsburgh, an organization that aims to prepare students from low-income families who possess high academic potential, but limited educational resources, for academically rigorous college-preparatory high schools and matriculation to four-year competitive colleges. In addition, Michael also participated in track & field, basketball, and field hockey. Football has always been Michael’s favorite sport, despite the fact that his high school did not have a team. As a result, Michael decided to make the most of his opportunities early at Duke, not as a walk-on, but rather as one of the team’s student managers, enabling him to stay close to a sport he has always enjoyed while maintaining a flexible schedule around his classes. Michael is truly grateful for being chosen as one of the recipients of the Reggie Scholarship for the Class of 2016. Having the opportunity to study at one of the top universities in the country without a financial burden is truly a blessing. He looks forward to helping the program achieve its goals in the coming years and creating close relationships with his fellow Reggies.