Nyuol Lueth Tong

T ’14, South Sudan

Nyuol graduated from Dunn School in Santa Barbara, California, where he started his academic career and founded a nonprofit organization (www.SELFSudan.org) to bring the empowering and liberating opportunity of education to his community in Africa. Nyuol is passionate about social justice and change; he plans to major in philosophy. He strongly believes in education and speaks to high schools, communities, churches, and universities across the United States about his experience as a refugee in Africa, about SELFSudan, and about his vision that Africa will be liberated from within and never from without. The Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholarship has greatly humbled Nyuol and honored his family and country. Not only has it afforded Nyuol the world-class education of Duke, it has placed him in a community of growth comprised of scholars, leaders, and people devoted to service. Please feel free to contact him with any questions: nyuol.tong@duke.edu.