Razan Abdurrahman Idris

Idris, Razan AbdurrahmanReginaldo Scholar Duke University

2018 – Virginia

Razan Idris, having been brought up in Virginia, spending years in Sudan, and getting her International Baccalaureate diploma from UWC USA in New Mexico, now hails home amongst the Reggie Scholars.

Razan is double majoring in International Comparative Studies and Political Science, with a focus on the history of Islamic religious thought in the Middle East and Africa. Her current academic research is on change in Muslim jurisprudence as embodied in the legal legacies of slavery and race. Overall, Razan is passionate about the intersections of religion, identity, and human rights in an increasingly globalized world, particularly in the light of the Arab Spring.

During high school, Razan participated in Student Council and Model UN, ran the Writing Club (Exceeding the Tweed Limit), worked as an Archival Research Assistant, and participated in several cultural shows. On campus, Razan is the Secretary-Historian of the Muslim Students Association, Communications Chair of the WHO living and learning group, and volunteers with Injaz to tutor local Arabic-speaking refugees. In her own time, she can be found reading books in the Stacks, writing prose, and attending Spoken Verb events.

Razan looks forward to further exploring the amazing opportunities that Duke has offered her, alongside the family that she’s found in the legacy of Reginaldo Howard.