Samantha Holmes

Holmes, SamanthaReginald Howard Scholar Duke University

2018 – Ridgefield, Connecticut

During her high school years, Samantha devoted much of her time to community engagement. Her experiences taught her the value of leadership, curiosity, camaraderie, hard work, and confidence. These are traits that resonate with Samantha, and she plans to develop them further throughout her life.

At Duke, Samantha has been able to explore a variety of her interests. She has been fortunate to be a part of organizations such as the Baldwin Scholars, which empowers female undergraduates. Baldwin, along with other organizations, has shown her the value of mentorship and community. Traveling has also been a major part of her Duke experience as she has had the opportunity to study abroad in India and the United Kingdom.

Samantha’s appreciation for the Reggies goes beyond words. Interacting with the brilliant, compassionate, dedicated, and visionary Reggie Scholars brings Sam so much happiness. Moreover, having a role in Reginaldo Howard’s legacy is a tremendous honor and source of motivation. Going forward, she hopes to make the Reggies proud!