Zanele Munyikwa

T ’15, Lewes, DE

Zanele Munyikwa graduated from Cape Henlopen High School. She hopes to major in Mathematics or Statistics, , and with a Certificate in Global Health. She also has interests in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies and Computer Science. She is currently a student in the Global Health Focus, which has already exposed her to a variety of topics in the field of Global Health, and inspired her attend public health school in the future. So far, she has gotten involved in Child Connect, Intervarsity, and the DUU, but she hopes to explore a variety of extracurricular opportunities during her time here. As a part of the Reginaldo Memorial Scholarship program, she has found a community that has already begun to support her in a variety of endeavors. Becoming a Reggie has been a great honor to her, and allowed her to be among a group of intelligent, motivated, and passionate peers: her fellow Duke students. Since coming here, she has already grown as a student and as a person through the communities she has gotten involved in. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions; her email is