Video Gallery

Ernie Britt ’16 combines his passion for politics and documentary film-making in this Duke Scholar Spotlight.

Sinclair Toffa ’18 describes his volunteer work in Togo, in this Duke Scholar Spotlight

Join the Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholars for “Reggie Day 2014: Equal Protection Under the Law?”

Reginaldo Howard Scholar Destiny Hemphill performs an original work of spoken word poetry.

Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholar Derek Lindsey welcomes the class of 2017 in his leadership role as Co-Chair of FACs (First-Year Advisory Council).

Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholar Nelly-Ange Kontchou describes what it means to be a “Reggie” Scholar at Duke University.

Marcayla Hester, a Public Policy major and Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholar, dicusses the value of studying abroad after her journey to South Africa.